All About Soy Candles

Why Soy Candles?

Many consumers are throwing away their old paraffin candles and making the switch to eco-friendly products or green products like soy candles. With all the benefits that soy candles have to offer, it is no wonder they have become increasingly popular. So why are soy candles so ideal? Let’s take a look.

First of all, soy candles are all natural. Soy wax comes from soy beans grown from the earth’s soil. Since it comes from a natural, biodegradable, renewable resource, soy wax can be found in abundance. This makes Soy Candles eco-friendly products. Paraffin candles are made up of petroleum which is a limited resource. Also, paraffin wax contains additives which totally inhibit biodegradability. Purchasing soy candles helps American soy bean farmers thrive. On the other hand, the petroleum found in the wax of paraffin candles comes from big foreign oil conglomerates.

18ozdomeSoy candles are non-hazardous to your health. They are non-toxic. This makes soy candles perfect for anyone suffering from allergies. Paraffin candles, made up of the waxy residue left over from the refinement process of petroleum contains carbon, other toxic chemical compounds, and even up to 11 kinds of carcinogens! Every time you light a paraffin candle in your home you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Breathing in all those chemicals is bad for your health. Plus the soot that paraffin wax creates when it is burned not only gets in the air, it also gets on your clothes, walls, furniture and other household items. Plus, Soy candles have wicks that do not contain lead.

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of soy candles is that soy wax burns much cleaner. Since it is completely natural, soy wax does not leave behind all the disgusting black soot that paraffin candles are infamous for. It is very difficult to keep paraffin candles looking beautiful on display in your home when they are constantly accumulating soot.

Soy wax cleans right off with a little bit of warm water and soap!

Soy candles offer a slower and cooler burn. This allows for a much better scent throw. Soy candles last up to 50% longer than petroleum-based paraffin candles. And unlike paraffin candles, soy wax pools the way candles are supposed to. Since soy wax burns cooler it burns completely and not just in the middle. Anyone who has bought a paraffin candle knows how disappointing it is to see the ring of unused candle wax lining the candle jar with a giant hole burnt out in the middle. Why waste money on a rip off when there is clearly a better alternative?

So if you are looking for a healthier, cleaner, and more natural approach to burning candles in your home, think about the benefits of buying a handmade soy candle. Say goodbye to toxins and wasting your money on paraffin candles. The future of candles lies in soy.

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